Testing of Three Grozer Bows

The renowned Hungarian bowyer Csaba Grozer has sent three of his bows for testing. Two of these bows are labeled “Turkish biocomposite” and “Turkish Laminated” and the third one is named “Crimean Tatar L2”. All the test bows revealed an excellent finish both in workmanship and the materials used. While Turkish laminated and Crimean Tatar are not so close to the authentic design but has only “inspirational”in shape, Turkish biocompsite looks very similar to original Ottoman bows. The force-draw curve assessment, chronograph mesauements and energy calculations have been made by a test team consisted of 6 archers (including me) from our group Tirendaz. All the bows have been found being real performers and much faster than many other Asiatic traditional bow replicas. Both the potential energy they store and the energy efficiencies as well as subjective comments and observations can be found in the video.