Sadabad 2009 Was A Success

The archery events of the Sadâbâd Festivities which have been organised for many years by the Kağıthane Municipality, Istanbul, has been enriched since 2006 with a show that displays both the military and sportive aspects of traditional Turkish-Ottoman archery. The first archery team of the Republic era to use traditional archery tackle since the short-lived Okspor(1937-1939) sports club, was brought together by Dr. Murat Özveri at the end of 2005. This and the following teams re-enacted our traditional archery to the public; in 2006 and in 2008 in Kağıthane, in 2007 in Bilecik. The latest of these displays was performed at Kağıthane in May 2009, again as a part of the Sadâbâd festivities. The public did get a chance to see the progress of archery throughout history, as after the traditional show there was also a competetion of archers with modern recurves and compounds.

We express our appreciations to the Head of Municipality Mr. Fazlı Kılıç and the Municipality Press Advisor Hüseyin Irmak for their broad vision and their support in helping our mission to pull Turkish-Ottoman Archery out of the dusty shelves of history and places it where it belongs.