A Co-operation Agreement

The Hungarian National Archery Federation (Nemzeti Íjászszövetség) is the final result of the revival movement of traditional archery in this pioneering country, which started there in the 1970′ s . Based on knowledge and experience accumalated over decades, the federation is the product of an systematic effort of thirty five years. Thanks to warm relations we have built with Hungarian traditional archers, a co-operation agreement has been signed with between Tirendâz Archers and The Hungarian National Archery Federation. With this treaty, the scientific and evidence-based way we follow while attempting to revive our traditional archery culture, has been recognised and appreciated by Europe’ s leading archery country and in a way, our ties of friendship were formalised. Consequently, Tirendâz Archers are the only group of archers in Turkey, recognised by The Hungarian National Archery Federation.
We hope this agreement will be to the best interest of Turkish Traditional Archery as well as of our Hungarian friends.